WilD WeEkEnDs!

WilD WeEkEnDs! | Wild Exposure Inc

WilD WeEkEnDs! | Wild Exposure Inc

Time to get WiLd!

Time for adventure!

Fancy going rafting on some beautiful rivers?

Maybe Mountain Biking is your thing?

Or climbing some rock is more up your alley?

Do you just want to get away & hang out with some good folks?

To feel alive.

No skill required. No judgements. Low cost.

Welcome to

WiLd WeEkEnDs!

WilD WeEkEnDs! | Wild Exposure Inc

Over many adventurous years, it has been Wild Exposure’s passion and drive to engage todays youth in stimulating experiences that help inspire a sense of engagement, willingness and wonder in the natural world around them. Simply, getting back to the simple and inspiring things in life, hanging out & helping discover who we REALLY are.

Rafting along majestic rivers, strolling through awe-inspiring mountains, mountain biking along awesome trails, challenging yourself on an ambitious rockface……just to mention a few activities. How’s that sound? Not bad huh? 

Basically having fun in the great outdoors!

Challenging yourself, chilling out, laughing and hanging out with other like minded folks.

Letting ‘mother nature’ weave her magic

WilD WeEkEnDs! | Wild Exposure Inc

Mother nature helped us personally to feel alive again

Watch our award winning 25 minute documentary below about that experience!

Now it is our time to pay it forward!

We invite you to join us in getting out in the WILDS!

Sign up below and join our WiLd WeEkEnDs!

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