Gordon River Splits

It’s only Natural

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‘I dunno why we do these things!’ Dan hollered, catching his breath. His voice was alive with emotion. We three wilderness seekers found ourselves grinning foolishly from ear to ear, akin to little kids pulling childish pranks in the school yard. Our bodies were physically trashed after days enduring this gut wrenching terrain, yet our souls never felt so alive. We were totally immersed in one of those treasured moments in life that simply rises above the rest.

After days of blood, sweat and tears, Dan, Dave & myself (Dave) had just paddled through a very remote and rarely visited river gorge widely regarded as a geological phenomenon. It is a gorge that has to be experienced to be believed. With the last forbidding rapid thankfully in our wake, Dan’s outcry was all too reflective of the pressure valve finally being released. The heavens above had battered us with torrential rain, snow and strong winds, yet the glory of the place repelled Mother Nature’s fury. We were truly content and wanted to be nowhere else. Why do we do these things? Well… we knew perfectly well why we do these silly things……to feel alive again.


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Featured in Australian Geographic Magazine