WILD Services….

We can offer you many things to go

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Immersing your students in WILD day excursions where we incorporate specific environmental learnings or insightful real life lessons

Immersing us WILD Instructors into your custom made experience or program

Immersing a group in WILD adventures, once a month, having fun with mentors!

Immersing your child in WILD adventures, one on one, with personal mentors who care and listen

Immersing a small merry band of students on multi-day WILD expeditions. Not merely just a journey through inspiring landscapes but also a journey of self discovery!

Immersing you in WILD activities and e-lessons for your school or home

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Immersing yourself in a WILD paddling guide on how to journey down the majestic Murray River

Immersing yourself in some WILD kayaking skills lessons and instruction

Immersing yourself in a WILD and homegrown Phone APP that helps inspires Outdoor Education and connection to nature

Immersing you in little WILD resources for your school or home

Immersing your students in the WILD landscapes while learning the WILD activity of Fly Fishing