Wild Instructing

Wild Instructing | Wild Exposure Inc

Wild Instructing | Wild Exposure Inc

Immersing us WILD Instructors into your custom made experience or program!

The staff at Wild Exposure are qualified and passionate teachers & instructors who would be honoured to be a part of your outdoor adventure! Whether it for a specific role in your school program/ outdoor education program or as an instructor for your own personal journey – we are here to help 🙂


We are qualified to offer instructing and programs for the following adventures:

R a f t i n g

K a y a k i n g

C a n o e i n g

C l i m b i n g

A b s e i l i n g

M o u n t a i n   B i k i n g

C a v i n g

O r i e n t e e r i n g / R o g a i n i n g

G r o u p   I n i t i a t i v e s

C o r p o r a t e   T r a i n i n g

E n v i r o n m e n t a l   A c t i v i t i e s

(see below)

N a t u r e  S i t s

A n d  m o r e . . .


Wild Instructing | Wild Exposure Inc


We also are developing and facilitating some nature activities and experiences that include:

Nature sits

(an experiential sitting experience to help raise nature connection and self awareness)


(like an extended Nature sit allowing more precious time for self reflection and contemplation)


Animal Tracking and Bird Language

(opening up awareness and connection to natural world by tracking the curious habits of animals and birds)


We have been fortunate enough to have experience in most things outdoors, so if there is something not on this list that you are interested in, please get in contact and ask us.

Thank you 🙂

Wild Instructing | Wild Exposure Inc

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