Mountains to Munjie

It is not where you go…..

but how you get there.



Journey from Victoria’s Highest peak

‘Mount BOGONG’

(Big Moth)

to the historic

Hinnomunjie Bridge


** A great extension from the ‘Feathertop Alpine Experience’ **


Mountain journeys are such great metaphors for our lives.


This Alpine experience is a breath taking and extended opportunity to better acquaint yourself to the magic of the mountains. Journeying from the majestic highest peak in Victoria, along ancient landforms and first nations people’s paths…all the way down to the sublime ‘Mitta Mitta’ (where reeds grow) river in all its glory. Culminating with an exciting and scenic river journey along this ancient waterway.



– Stunning scenery from the top of the world –

– Alpine ecology and wildflowers –

– connection to country and first nations culture –

– abundance of well established beautiful camping sites –

– historic huts of the high country –

– rafting the iconic and true wilderness ‘Mitta’ River –

– solo’s and personal reflection activities –

– nature sits and bird language –

– Optional visit to the famous ‘Off the Grid’ Mittagundi Outdoor Centre – 

– optional final bush dance and celebration at nearby accommodation –





Our philosophy at Wild Exposure is all about


‘slowing down’


and making ‘Time’ to simply






This is not a boot camp. 


We don’t aim to just survive. We aim to




Students learn that the Mountains are a source of inspiration and splendour and not something to be scared of.



Nature Connection



How is this achieved?


– comfortable and achievable walking distances –

 – scheduled time for chill out and reflective & interactive experiences –

– good quality equipment –

– qualified staff who can hold space for such an experience –



In today’s challenging world, more than ever we need to provide our students with truely connecting experiences.

Experiences that not only helps them to achieve growth and contentness,

but also help arm them with a skillset that has them ready for the challenges that lay ahead.


Please get in touch with us and we can discuss further details!

Wild Exposure staff 🙂