Murray River Culture Journey

Life is like a river. The way of life is to flow with the current.

To turn against it takes effort.

But the current will carry you if you let it.


The Murray is an icon of our Aussy culture

The lifeblood of South Eastern Australia


So many Murray river paddling camps just…well…

paddle the Murray.

And miss out on so much of it’s rich history and culture.


An opportunity lost

At Wild Exposure, we capture the opportunity to truly connect your students to the Murray’s Magic.

We facilitate a multi-day experience with small insightful sessions on:


– Indigenous Country Connection –

Connect to local tribes rich proud culture e.g. Canoe tree’s

Hopefully even a visit from an elder!


– Environmental awareness –

The health of the Murray as well as ‘hands on’ measurement


– The Inland First Explorers of the Murray –

Retrace the history of Charles Sturt and others e.g. old boilers & tree markers


– interaction with historic Paddle steamer culture –

A ride on an old Paddle steamer and chat to a Paddlesteamer captain!

(pending logistics)


– The Murray Today –

Agriculture and present industries along the Murray, Murray River Marathon and more…..


– Fishing sessions and Instructing –

What better way to simply relax and admire the Murray than casting a line before sundset! 


Ro was born and raised on the Murray and it played a large role in his upbringing.

From camping along the Murray, competing in 10 Murray Marathon 404km races, to eventually paddling the entire 2500 km’s Murray from Source to Sea – it has intrigued Ro and he has immersed itself in its proud culture.


So, it’s not just a paddle along the Murray but a cultural experience and journey.

Please get in touch with us for more information!